We are opening a motorway D8 over the Krušné Mountains

Vytisknout článek
The Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic will tomorrow, on 21st December open a 23,4 km long sector of a motorway D8 from Ústí nad Labem to the German border near Petrovice, where it joins a Saxon motorway A17. The construction of the new sector of D8 was fully started in 2004 and the total costs for its setting into operation reached 19 thousand million CZK.

The drivers driving on the D8 will experience here a rise of 482 meters. "Two tunnels, Libouchec and Panenská, will be part of the route, whereas the second one will with its two kilometers become the longest tunnel in the Czech Republic," says Petr Laušman, Managing Director of Road and Motorway Directorate ČR. The new sector of the motorway in Krušné Hory will be truly, especial for the Czech conditions.

Only a passage Lovosice- Řehlovice of a length of 16,5 km over the České středohoří will be missing to the complete fulfillment of D8. The complete fulfillment of D8 km over the České středohoří can be expected in 2009 or 2010. motorway D8 will after complete fulfillment in the length of 92 km connect Prague, Ústí nad Labem and Germany, where it on the border continuously joins the new German motorway A17, which ends at the crossroad with motorway A4 near Dresden.

After the complete fulfillment of the motorway there will be a diversion of the truck transport from the municipalities and towns near the existing road I/8 and the danger of serious traffic accidents will be eliminated. For the suffering region is the early fulfillment of particular sectors of the motorway definitely a positive statement.

In 2006 the new sectors of motorways D5, D8 and D11 of a total length of 69 km were opened. For one year it is therefore a number, which is record-breaking in the history of the Czech Republic and also Czechoslovakia. The Czech motorway network therefore is 627 km long.