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Czech Republic Will Have 1,000 Kilometres of Motorways and High speed roads

30.11.2007 - Information service

This will happen on the occasion of the launch of operations along the new portion of the D47 Motorway from Ostrava-Rudná to Bohumín. The gala opening will be attended by top political figures of the Czech Republic, as well as regional and municipal leaders, and representatives of the construction firms and, of course, the investor.

”Commencing on 1 December 2007, the Czech Republic will have 646 kilometres of motorways and 356 kilometres of high speed roads in operation. In total, we shall arrive at the figure of 1002 kilometres. This represents a significant level of achievement”, says Alfred Brunclík, CEO of the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic. At the very end of the year, yet another seven kilometres will be added to the D3 Motorway; last year’s increment thus amounts to 50 kilometres, reaching a total of 1009 kilometres.

The D1 Motorway linking Prague and the province of Moravia is by far the longest road in the Czech Republic; currently, it is operational with a length of 264 kilometres, and it will finally be 377 kilometres long, connecting the cities of Prague, Brno, and Ostrava. It is followed by the D5 Motorway from Prague to Rozvadov, which is 151 kilometres long. However, it will be outmatched by the D3 and the D11 Motorways leading to South and Eastern Bohemia, with a length of 172 and 154 kilometres, respectively. Then, the longest high speed road No. R35, which is to link North Bohemia and North Moravia, will measure approximately 258 kilometres.

There are still some 1,171 kilometres of motorways to be completed. They include, firstly, the D3 Motorway from Prague to České Budějovice and further to the Austrian border, the Prague Ring Motorway, and the R35 high speed road.

When all of the currently planned motorways and high speed roads are duly completed, the Czech Republic will have a total of 2,180 kilometres of such roads. Currently, though, there have been considerations about converting some selected high speed roads to motorways.