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RMD opens modernized sections of D1 motorway

Transportation restrains on D1 motorway have ended due to approaching winter technological break. Road section Větrný Jeníkov - Jihlava (to Brno) opens for drivers at Tuesday, 14th of October, the same section in the opposite direction (to Prague) opens at 20th. Restrains will be cancelled at section Šternov – Psáře: half of the left lane (cca km 44 – 49) will be opened to drivers at Wednesday, 15th of October, the other half will follow in ten days.

The RMD is preparing for refurbishment of motorway I/44 at Červenohorské sedlo

The Road and Motorway Directorate launches the repair works of motorway I/44 between Kouty nad Desnou and Červenohorské sedlo on 6th October 2014. Due to refurbishment, section between km 36,8 and km 44,8 will be closed for transit. Complete repair works will be divided into three phases.

Irresponsible drivers put road workers in danger

RMD employee was killed on duty at Monday, 6th October. Miloslav Snopka was sanitizing drainage and checking the crash barrier at motorway, as he was hit by passing truck. Accident occurred at 8:30 in the morning. A number of accidents happened on motorway construction sites under RMD authority since September, mainly to construction workers and maintenance staff. According to statistics, the truck represents the greatest danger.

RMD commissions the Great City Ring Road in Brno

After years of waiting, the city of Brno finally witnessed the opening of transport projects on the I/42 highway, which are of key importance for drivers. The three projects are part of the Great City Ring Road (“VMO”) project. The completion was also postponed due to a six-year dispute with environmental and civic associations over completion of the Dobrovského Tunnel.

RMD launches series of repairs of key motorways: D1, D2 and D11

For the RMD, late August and early September marks the launch of a series of repairs of key motorways. These repairs involve primarily the D1 motorway in the direction from Prague to Brno and Ostrava, the D2 motorway from Brno to Bratislava, and the D11 motorway from Prague to Hradec Králové. The RMD plans to complete the repairs before winter.

RMD holds four out of five building permits for D1 upgrade

In his first weeks in office, the RMD’s General Director David Čermák focused on four to five key areas. These included the D1 motorway upgrade project, organisational changes within the state-run company, and public procurement. In several cases, public procurement required immediate action so that the RMD could avoid problems associated with anti-monopoly office investigations and other complications.

European Commission approves another major OPT transport project

On 1 August 2012 the European Commission approved another major road project as part of the Operational Programme Transport. The relevant project involves a section of the R35 near Hradec Králové. The EU will contribute more than CZK 708 million for this important arterial road.

RMD opens realigned road near Trhová Kamenice

The recently realigned I/37 near the town of Trhová Kamenice, which the RMD is commissioning today, will replace a complicated and overloaded route. The existing bridge was not wide enough to allow safe two-way traffic for all types of vehicles. The newly realigned road resolves this issue.

RMD halts construction of D8 motorway near Řehlovice

Based on a decision of the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem concerning the completion of the missing section of the D8 near Řehlovice, the Road and Motorway Directorate has decided to stop construction work on this section with immediate effect, as the decision cited indicates, that the RMD currently does not possess a valid building permit.

Initial findings of German experts from the inspection of bridges along motorway section D 4708.2

On 2 and 3 July 2012, experts from Germany’s Hanover University made a visual inspection of 3 steel and 2 reinforced concrete bridges along motorway section D 4708.2 (Ostrava Rudná-Hrušov).