Třemošná bypass commissioned

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On 28 July 2011, The Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic (ŘSD) finally completed a three-year lasting construction of Třemošná bypass, 3.8 km in length. The construction is a part of the I/27 Pilsen-Most road and it diverts the traffic away from the city center and thus brings better environment for the residents and save of time for the drivers.

The I/27 road is a part of a long distance route of international importance, which connects the Pilsen, Central Bohemian and Ústí na d Labem regions and the state border with Germany. The newly opened section forms the western bypass of the Třemošná city. „The route which had led through the city centre was inadequate as to its height and direction and negatively affected the environment in the city and that was the reason for proposing its realignment“ explains the Road and Motorway Directorate CEO Jiří Švorc. The I/27 through road in Třemošná has been a source of major traffic problems.

The technical solution of the new construction corresponds to a long planned concept of transportation solution in this area. The I/27 road is a major transport route with prevailing transit features. Heavy transport makes a relatively large proportion of the traffic. Overall, the new construction is a great help to improve the environment throughout Třemošná. The city was heavily affected by noise and emissions until the pre-term opening of the bypass.

The Třemošná bypass is designed as a two-lane road, in Pilsen, the I/27 road should have four lanes in the future. The bypass begins before the city, at a turn to a Skoda compound. It continues by a flyover junction, from which links to Třemošná and Skoda and Čepro compounds will be realized. Behind an intersection, there is a crossing over the river Třemošná valley, over the railway tracks Pilsen-Žatec and concurrent field trip, formed by an elevated road in length of 419 m. The end of the bypass is behind the turning to the hotel Diana. The city Třemošná is connected to the bypass in the north and in the south and by the II/180 road even in the central part of the city. The total length of the bypass is 3844 m. There is one flyover junction, two intersections and six bridges on the bypass.

The Project was supported by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program Transport. The non-repayable contribution of the European Union was granted under Priority 4, in support of “ Modernising primary roads outside TEN-T“ up to 85% of eligible expenses, which makes 810, 926, 843 CZK.

Information on the construction
Name: I/27 Road, Třemošná relaying
Length: 3844 m
Date of commencement: 10/2008
Date of commissioning: 06/2011
Price incl. VAT: 921 059 548 CZK

An information brochre and map can be found here.

Date: 28.06.2011