RMD Commissions Bánov Bypass

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The Roads and Motorways Directorate has commissioned a 4.4 kilometres long bypass of the community of Bánov in the Zlín Region. It represents a portion of the I/50 road, a section of the E50 European Route. The development project was commenced at the end of 2008, and it has been commissioned after two years of work before its deadline as its opening was not intended until next year.

The I/50 road leads from Brno, from a grade-separated crossroads at Holubice (D1 Motorway) via Slavkov – Bučovice – Buchlovice – Uherské Hradiště – Uherský Brod to the Starý Hrozenkov frontier crossing to Slovakia. “The entire I/50 road has undergone a major reconstruction aimed at the removal of previously unsuitable sections and improvement of the environment in the communities along the road, and smoother and faster traffic for drivers passing along it”, says Mr Jiří Švorc, the CEO of RMD.

The Bánov thoroughfare represented the most difficult traffic defect along the entire I/50 road because the whole section had a very difficult directional as well as altitudinal profile. Its negatives were multiplied by frequent traffic accidents occurring within the limits of the community.

By completing the I/50 Bánov bypass, the thoroughfare inside the community will calm down and also traffic safety will improve to a significant extent, in particular, as regards pedestrian safety at Bánov. The section is situated near the frontier crossing between Starý Hrozenkov and Drietoma in Slovakia. Although the relaying is slightly longer than the previous route intersecting the community, it will take less time and money to drive along the new road. This will clearly contribute to cleaner air in the centre of the town.

An information brochre and map can be found here.

Information about the project of I/50 Bánov - bypass

Place: Zlín Region
Price: CZK 622,973,300
Length: 4,425 metres
Date of commencement: 12/2008
Date of commissioning: 11/2010

Date: 24.11.2010