Opening the southern part of the Prague Ring motorway

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The Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic (RSD) is opening a major part of the ring road encircling the country’s capital. The much-anticipated section connecting the D5 motorway from Plzeň and Germany, and the D1 from Brno and Slovakia has been built. The new motorway will benefit all drivers – and not just from Prague and around. The new section enables a smooth traffic flow and connects the motorway network between the country’s western and eastern parts.

The new section of the Prague Ring motorway is linked near Slivenec to the Slivenec-Ruzyně section of the ring road, which is already in use, effectively connecting the D1 motorway (direction Brno), R4 road (direction Strakonice), D5 motorway (direction Plzeň), R6 road (direction Karlovy Vary), and R7 road (direction Chomutov) with a motorway.

“Aside from traffic benefits for Prague, this also marks the completion of a motorway link across Europe,” says Jiří Švorc, CEO of RSD. All of the aforementioned traffic benefits are underlined by the traffic intensity forecast for the Prague Ring motorway, which is expected to be up to 70,000 vehicles in 24 hours. Ensuring a high degree of traffic safety and smooth traffic flow in a transportation project of this magnitude is a matter of course.

Main benefits of the completed project

1. Motorway connection between the east and west of the Czech Republic
2. Relief of traffic in Prague
3. The longest bridge in the Czech Republic

“In general terms the Prague Ring Motorway is an exceptional project. Its full completion is much awaited by both Prague citizens, as it will ease the traffic in their city, and drivers from all other regions who wish to pass Prague comfortably. It is exceptional in terms of technology as it includes complex junctions, tunnels and bridges in the diverse landscape near the River Vltava, and in terms of traffic since it will form an integral ring road around the most traffic-affected location in the country, while connecting the nine motorways that terminate in Prague,“ Jiří Švorc describes the Prague Ring motorway. The south part of the ring which was opened this year demonstrates all of the above. Its completion also marks the symbolic half way point of the construction of the Prague Ring motorway, out of the total 83 km.

This southern part comprises three new projects totalling 23 km and one refurbishment project – the very first part of the entire ring completed in 1983 totalling 7 km. Overall this makes 30 new kilometres between the D1 towards Brno and the D5 towards Plzeň.

The new section will alleviate the current unacceptable traffic volume in the south of the capital, as it will accelerate traffic and relieve the Jižní spojka and Barrandovská spojka roads of a major portion of transit traffic, as well as in the Central Bohemian region as a whole.

The national aspect is of importance as well because the southern part of the ring connects the east and west of the Czech Republic and completes the backbone motorway network. The already completed motorway to Brno and Slovakia, and the post-1989 motorway to Plzeň and Germany, will be connected with the transit traffic routed fully along motorways through our country.

The Prague Ring motorway also features a new telematic traffic control system, which provides up to date traffic information and/or regulates the maximum permitted speed for traffic flow. It is one of the features aimed at improving standard traffic safety and enables more effective addressing of non-standard traffic situations such as accidents, parked vehicles, problematic situations in tunnels etc.

Facts and figures about the Prague Ring motorway

· 19 minutes driving time between the D1 to Brno and the D5 to Plzeň
· New section to handle up to 70,000 vehicles in 24 hours
· 23 km of a new structure: Slivenec – Lahovice – Vestec – Modletice
· Comprehensive reconstruction of a 7 km Třebonice – Slivenec section
· 2.3 km bridge over the Berounka and Vltava Rivers (the longest bridge in the Czech Republic)
· 1.7 km of the Lochkov tunnel
· 1.9 km of the Cholupice tunnel
· 425 m bridge over the Lochkov Valley at 65 m above the ground
· Modern linear traffic control system
· Two extensive fly-over junctions near Modletice (D1) and Zbraslav

The Prague Ring projects 512 D1 – Vestec and 513 Lahovice – Slivenec have been proposed for co-financing from EU’s Cohesion Fund within the Operational Programme ‘Transport’. A non-refundable EU contribution has been applied for as part of Priority Axis 2 – Construction and Upgrade of the TEN-T Motorway and Road Network.

View an information leaflet including a map of the project site here.

Project 514 Lahovice – Slivenec has been co-financed by the EU from the Cohesion Fund as part of the 2004-2006 programming period. The EU’s contribution provided in the form of a non-refundable aid under the EC resolution amounts to EUR 77,550,300 (CZK 1,976,223,535), which accounts for 30% of the eligible project costs.

The total cost of all three new projects is CZK 18.3 billion exclusive of tax.

Date: 20.09.2010