Quality of Czech motorway rest and service areas of European standard

Vytisknout článek
The rest and service areas along Czech motorways are of European standard - drivers have available fully equipped and sufficiently comfortable facilities at which they can make use of the services of renowned and internationally operating fuel filling station networks. In addition, the number of the stations is much higher compared to other European Union countries.

The Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic (RSD) is currently carrying out a special audit of the quality of rest and service areas in linkage to the test made by the German automobile club ADAC. The results of the ADAC survey indicate that the quality of Czech motorway rest areas is lower than in other European states.

By detailed analysis of the ADAC test, the Road and Motorway Directorate of the CR has ascertained that merely rest places at which there is neither a petrol station nor a restaurant were examined. "Our long-term strategy is to systematically build fully equipped rest areas with comprehensive services including fuel sale, refreshments and rest and relaxation facilities. When it comes to rest areas not comprising all these facilities, we are abolishing them on a long-term basis. As a result, we will annually save millions of Czech crowns on their maintenance," says Alfred Brunclík, Chief Executive Officer of the RSD.

In its test, ADAC solely compared rest areas at which there are neither petrol stations nor other facilities. "We know that rest areas of this type are popular in other countries, especially Germany. Yet the Czech Republic has taken an entirely different direction. Our intention is to provide drivers with fully equipped rest and service areas comprising a petrol station, refreshment facilities and, of course, toilets within shorter intervals", Brunclík adds.

Accordingly, should ADAC want to compare the real quality level of Czech motorway rest areas, it would have to evaluate standard service areas fully equipped with amenities and not the last few relics of the past, which the RSD has been gradually closing down.

In the near future, a pilot project for completing a network of truck centres will be launched in the Czech Republic. Its implementation over the next few years will result in an increased number of parking places along motorways and high-speed roads, as well as better availability of services for professional drivers.