Inspections of warped section of the D47 motorway continue. International experts to check bridges.

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The Road and Motorway Directorate is continuing with its inspection of the structural condition of the bridges and road bed along the warped motorway section D4708.2 (Ostrava, Rudná-Hrušov). Following test bores of the road bed and other inspection work, international experts from Hanover University will now inspect the bridge structures on the D4708.2 section. During the inspections, the RMD is proceeding in accordance with its agreement with the Ministry of Transport with the presence of the contractor for this section of motorway.

According to the RMD’s General Director David Čermák, the inspection of the section’s structural condition has been in progress for several weeks now. “The assessment of the structural condition of the bridges on section D4708.2 by international experts represents another phase of the inspection process,” says Čermák. The foreign experts will work in several phases. Phase 1 will be from Monday 2 July to Tuesday 3 July.

The goal of Phase 1 of the German experts’ work is the visual inspection of the bridges, and to obtain other necessary information and/or documents for preparing their official assessment of the structural condition of the selected bridges. “The experts are here to determine if the current structural condition of the bridges after five years of traffic is normal from a professional and technical point of view. Should they find the bridges’ condition inadequate, they will determine whether this was caused by design flaws,”
Čermák adds.

The German experts’ inspection of the D47 motorway will take place under full traffic, with stringent safety measures in place. The general results of the German experts’ assessment will be available in the coming weeks, and the general public will be informed about them. The planned outcome is a preliminary report on the bridges’ structural condition.

The RMD is prepared to provide any assistance necessary in connection with the German experts’ visit.

Date: 02.07.2012