Initial findings of German experts from the inspection of bridges along motorway section D 4708.2

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On 2 and 3 July 2012, experts from Germany’s Hanover University made a visual inspection of 3 steel and 2 reinforced concrete bridges along motorway section D 4708.2 (Ostrava Rudná-Hrušov).

The conclusions of the German experts’ inspection indicate that the bridges are in an unacceptable condition after five years of use. The defects and damage are primarily due to unfit materials, poor design and low quality of workmanship. Extensive repairs are necessary to avert a reduction of the bridges’ expected service life.

Further research is necessary in order to assess and clearly determine the reason of these defects in detail. The same applies for the planning of suitable repair strategies. The RMD will continue to work with the German experts in order to find the definite causes of the bridges’ incompliant structural condition, and will order the contractor to take measures to remove all defects from the bridges.

The final survey report will be prepared on 31 August 2012.

Date: 27.07.2012