The Organisation of Administration and Maintenance of Roads and Motorways

Information about organizations that provide the maintenance of all-purpose roads and motorways.

In the period of a swift growth of road traffic the requirements for quality of roads, motorways and bridges increase in order to ensure a safe, flowing and adequately fast movement of road vehicles. An increased attention is being paid to a systematic control of the condition of roads and motorways, and to operative repairs in the extent enabled by the state budget. Measurements to objectively verify the condition of road surfaces are performed on about 6.500 km of the most important roads each year.

Maintenance of motorways and roads of the 1st class under the management of RMD CZ is provided by thirteen Centers of Administration and Maintenance of Motorways ( SSÚD ) and Centers of Administration and Maintenance of Roads with Limited Access ( SSÚRS ), respectively. The centers exercise administration and maintenance of assigned sections of road communications and their components, maintaining a condition consistent with their assigned purpose. They ensure the performance of summer and winter maintenance of the assigned road section. They further provide information service concerning the rideability of assigned sections, observe road and traffic safety, present propositions for improvement and participate in discussions of the said propositions with the Czech Police. The center's activity could be roughly divided into two groups: 'summer' activity ( April - October ) and 'winter' activity ( November - March ). Summer activities consist mainly of: repairs of roads, bridges and traffic signs; painting of steel constructions; drainage; mowing; cleaning of rest areas; minor earthworks; impregnation of concrete roads; installment of road markings; sewer cleaning, etc. Winter period is characterized by a special continuous work performance which ensures a prompt removal of snow, glazed frost and black ice from the roads that are very dangerous to traffic. Special mechanisms and chemicals are used for such operations. Meteorological reports help to choose an effective method of maintenance.

Besides these two distinctly different activities, the center also executes works which are not dependent on the season, for example: towing of immovable vehicles; helping with the removal of the consequences of road accidents; cooperation in a case of ecological calamity; installment of temporary traffic signing; collaboration at traffic surveys, etc. Parallel operations run inside the center, e.g. repairs of machinery, maintenance of traffic signs, lights, stands, etc.

Supplying of extensive repairs and reconstructions of roads, bridges, drainage, etc., is provided.

Administration, maintenance and repair of the remaining road network is provided nationwide by the organizations of Road Administration and Maintenance ( Správa a údržba silnic - SÚS ).

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