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Information service

The RMD is preparing for refurbishment of motorway I/44 at Červenohorské sedlo

The Road and Motorway Directorate launches the repair works of motorway I/44 between Kouty nad Desnou and Červenohorské sedlo on 6th October 2014. Due to refurbishment, section between km 36,8 and km 44,8 will be closed for transit. Complete repair works will be divided into three phases.

RMD launches series of repairs of key motorways: D1, D2 and D11

For the RMD, late August and early September marks the launch of a series of repairs of key motorways. These repairs involve primarily the D1 motorway in the direction from Prague to Brno and Ostrava, the D2 motorway from Brno to Bratislava, and the D11 motorway from Prague to Hradec Králové. The RMD plans to complete the repairs before winter.

RMD holds four out of five building permits for D1 upgrade

In his first weeks in office, the RMD’s General Director David Čermák focused on four to five key areas. These included the D1 motorway upgrade project, organisational changes within the state-run company, and public procurement. In several cases, public procurement required immediate action so that the RMD could avoid problems associated with anti-monopoly office investigations and other complications.

European Commission approves another major OPT transport project

On 1 August 2012 the European Commission approved another major road project as part of the Operational Programme Transport. The relevant project involves a section of the R35 near Hradec Králové. The EU will contribute more than CZK 708 million for this important arterial road.

RMD halts construction of D8 motorway near Řehlovice

Based on a decision of the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem concerning the completion of the missing section of the D8 near Řehlovice, the Road and Motorway Directorate has decided to stop construction work on this section with immediate effect, as the decision cited indicates, that the RMD currently does not possess a valid building permit.

Initial findings of German experts from the inspection of bridges along motorway section D 4708.2

On 2 and 3 July 2012, experts from Germany’s Hanover University made a visual inspection of 3 steel and 2 reinforced concrete bridges along motorway section D 4708.2 (Ostrava Rudná-Hrušov).

RMD is preparing five-month repair of bridge in Šternberk

Drivers entering the town of Šternberk along highway I/46 are in for traffic restrictions from the latter half of July to November of this year. The Road and Motorway Directorate will be building a new bridge on the road in order to replace the existing structure, which is in an unacceptable state.

Inspections of warped section of the D47 motorway continue. International experts to check bridges.

The Road and Motorway Directorate is continuing with its inspection of the structural condition of the bridges and road bed along the warped motorway section D4708.2 (Ostrava, Rudná-Hrušov). Following test bores of the road bed and other inspection work, international experts from Hanover University will now inspect the bridge structures on the D4708.2 section. During the inspections, the RMD is proceeding in accordance with its agreement with the Ministry of Transport with the presence of the contractor for this section of motorway.

RMD to choose contractor for D1 upgrade in August

The RMD has extended the deadline for the submission and evaluation of contractors’ bids for upgrading the first sections of the D1 motorway. The RMD’s decision to extend the deadline is based on an audit of the qualification requirements contained in the terms of reference, after which the competition was opened to a greater number of applicants. The discriminatory qualification requirements were subsequently amended so that the D1 upgrade would still be eligible for funding from the Operational Programme Transport (OPT).

Road and Motorway Directorate preparing measures for building bridges – to greater efficiency and savings

The Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic (RSD) continues the process of savings on the road transport infrastructure projects. A new feature is a series of measures for more effective bridge constructions. This is a completely new approach, aimed at installing new rules of preparation and construction.The proposals newly include eg. separate tenders for the bridges only, or a sample catalogue.

ŘSD may save up to CZK 15 billion with a new way of building wildlife crossings

The Road and Motorway Directorate will start using a new method for the design and construction of ecoducts (wildlife crossings), which will both save funds and be more environmentally friendly, this year. In the past, the construction of ecoducts (a major and broadly discussed environmental issue) lacked efficiency in particular in terms of balancing the environmental and economic aspects.

Travel time estimates to be displayed on the D2 and D5 motorways

Drivers will receive more information about capacity and traffic loads on motorways in the Czech Republic beginning on 24 January 2011. The Road and Motorway Directorate (Ředitelství silnic a dálnic ČR) and its partners have completed initial testing and verification of the travel time estimation system and will now show the information on a trial basis on variable message signs, first on the D2 and D5 motorways (Brno – Slovakia and Prague – Plzeň – Germany, respectively).

The RSD to engage specialists from the CVUT in preparation and planning of road infrastructure development

The Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic (RSD) will closely cooperate with the Czech Technical University in Prague (CVUT) during planning, preparation and realisation of road works.The key role of the CVUT specialists will be the opponent's review of projects and structure pricing to achieve a more effective structure preparation and the overall planning.That, according to the new RSD management, will lead to greater savings in the whole segment of road infrastructure development.

Road maintenance vehicles have driven 113, 000 km in two days of snow plowing

Heavy, persistent snowfall earlier this week has, for the first time this year, challenged the readiness of road maintenance virtually throughout the country. On 28 and 29 November, the gritting vehicles covered, during plowing, salting and monitoring runs, a distance of more than 113,000 kilometres on motorways, expressways and main roads. The total length of about 1,100 kilometres of motorways and speedways and 5,900 kilometres of main roads show that in average, the maintenance vehicles ran through each of the selected communications 16 times.

Drivers Tend to Rely More on Information Boards When Travelling – RSD Increases Their Number

More and more people tend to rely increasingly more on the variable information boards located along the motorway and expressway networks when travelling. An increase in their numbers has been supported by their ever higher efficiency and now three years of practical experience. The existing 48 boards will be doubled at the end of 2010. Besides motorway boards, the other most frequent sources of traffic information include radio stations, television, mobile telephones, and GPS navigation. This is the outcome of a survey conducted by the Road and Motorway Directorate and concerning the Uniform Traffic Information System (JSDI).

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